Service Design
Foodflix (Speculative Project)
Have you ever wished you could taste the delicious dish you just saw featured in a movie? Foodflix is a project imagined as Netflix’s subsidiary company that brings our favorite movies to real life through movie food delivery, a recipe app, and escape room labs. Foodflix aims to bring your favorite movies to life.
All photography is from a third-party source.

Foodflix Movie
Foodflix deliver food straight out of the movies to your doorstep in no more than an hour.
Foodflix app
An app that allows you to scan a movie’s food where it generates the food recipe. Allowing you to enjoy movie food at home!

Foodflix Escape
This escape room bring our favorite movies to real life through close interactions with movie characters. The Foodflix escape room provides thrilling experiences by locking you in a countdown room with one of the movie creatures. To survive, you must cook them their favorite dish, or else you are their dinner.

Cheryl Zhang